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  • Don’t Fall Into Imposter Syndrome

    With all the over-saturation and official graduate degrees many graphic designers can feel like a fraud sometimes, especially if you only got a degree in psychology or media [...]
  • Personalization Of Design

    The world of design is is becoming more individualized. Certain brands can now print your name on them. Automation adds a “hello (insert name here)” automatically [...]
  • Passive Income For Digital Artists

    Selling digital products has a much lower barrier of entry if you’ve got the skills to create them. Physical products involve inventory management, shipping, and more [...]
  • Immersive Drawing in VR

    Traditional digital artists are increasingly exploring VR art for new projects.  Similar to 3D modeling on flat desktops and laptops, but with a more immersive interface. [...]
  • AI Implemention in Graphic Design

    Graphic designers went through many brands developments throughout the centuries, and evolved with the emerging technologies of those generations. Mentioned in a previous [...]
  • A World Without Graphic Design

    The graphic design industry is far from the top valued monetarily ($54b), but without it there would be no brand identity. This is fairly obvious but not given much thought [...]

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