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Presenting Logos to Clients

I rarely create or present logos. The jobs I usually get are making quick posters or newsletter graphics. But it is in my box of offers to clients. I’ll create […]

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Design school or Online Communities – which is more effective?

Many get their start in the graphic design industry by heading right to design school. It gives you a leg up by adding to the resume and provides you some […]

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Freelancers Beware – Arm Yourself With Contracts (personal story)

In 2019 a bit after leaving my full-time job I spent months sitting at a Starbucks from opening to closing with my Avatar Last Airbender sticker covered laptop (this sticker […]

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Bland, Simple, Replicable – The New Strategy

Anyone in the design industry has most likely spotted the general trend towards simple, lifeless design being held as the modern look. This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of […]

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Designing Outside Of Personal Taste

*Cries in graphic design* A few years ago I had a client who was an artist. I designed various things for her including CSS upgrades to her website. She wanted […]

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Designers and the stagnant portfolio – why? (5 Reasons)

Many designers produce a lot more content than what they show on their portfolio. This is for good reason because if you’re making a career out of design – you […]

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Passive Income For Digital Artists

Selling digital products has a much lower barrier of entry if you’ve got the skills to create them. Physical products involve inventory management, shipping, and more where with digital products […]