YouTubers are being taken more and more seriously, especially with the YouTube partner program. People who may have started uploading videos online for fun have now become very popular making skit videos, challenges, and uploading many other forms of video content.  Many YouTube partners now make a living from uploading videos

Nostalgia Critic 

Nostalgia CriticDefinitely not the only critic on YouTube, but one of the most effective with how heated he can get when he feels a story was ruined by the creators. He adds on short skits and voice overs to emphasize his arguments.



Cyriak has mastered the art of videos built for the “Weird part of YouTube”



This guy answers the big / odd questions in life some people ask when they’re high or having a deep philosophical discussion about life and the universe.

The Fine Bros React Channel:

Fine Bros

Though the idea of reaction videos are not new, the Fine Bros took it to a professional level.



This guy offers new perspectives on our quickly changing world. He accurately and effectively summarizes corporate / historical / societal information in a very comprehensive way.

The Whatever Channel:

Fake Pregnancy Prank

This channel is well known for its prank videos. Their Drowning Baby Prank as of January 2nd 2016 has over 35,000,000 views.



Arguably the YouTube master of skits (but there are far too many to claim this), College Humor has videos like “If Google was a Guy” and other funny videos.

Bad Lip Reading 


This channel adds a funny voice over to a variety of videos. This isn’t new but they’re the only professionals at it as far as we can see.



This guy makes those videos that people always respond with “you have too much time on your hands.” He also makes fan response videos addressing criticisms. He’s been more inactive due to being in college but he hasn’t gone totally off the map.

“How It Should Have Ended” (HISHE) Channel 


HISHE is an animated web series channel that parodies popular films by adding alternative endings that illuminate the flaws of the original ending.

There are many amazing YouTubers not on the list so check them all out and decide who’s on your top ten list.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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