Tumblr and “social justice warriors” seem to go hand in hand, according to people who are found to constantly criticize them.

It’s been noted that many of these terms that people claim are from Tumblr users never originated from Tumblr, but from sociological studies or identity groups.

Others say that while it may not have originated from Tumblr, the ideas became popular through the site.

“SJW” aka ”Social Justice Warrior”is a pejorative label for activists who often engage in debates against others on issues such as political correctness or identity politics. In contrast to the social justice activists, social justice warriors are defined by self-righteous language, and using emotion over logic or reason. Some may say that social justice warriors are similar in definition to “Keyboard Warriors

The phrase “go back to Tumblr” is becoming a common response  to a statement that may sound too social justice warrior-ish.

“That’s where I got a lot of information about social justice, like Microagressions and perhaps a less popular view of certain issues such as feminism. It helps to really delve into an issue. […] as far as social justice warrior, […]I think people have a tendency to say ‘you’re wrong’ online but calling attention to that and pointing out why is important,” says Cait Chamberlin, a Tumblr user and student at Sarah Lawrence, which is viewed by many as an institution that emphasizes gender equality and gender variance.

Tumblr, which began in 2007, is a microblogging platform and social networking site. Often times you simply reblog short posts from other users, allowing one quick post to become famous among the Tumblr users relatively quickly.

Facebook is technically a microblogging platform, but the main activity of the site isn’t necessarily to reblog posts from others. Due to this common activity on Tumblr, users will be found to reblog social justice memes as well, which is where the stereotype most likely stems from.

“It can be very alarmist,” says Luke Charry, another Tumblr user.

Tumblr and its users have definitely grown and matured over the last 9 years of its existence, and it remains the spot for a variety of identity groups like asexuality advocates to quickly spread information that would have otherwise mostly stayed static on sites like AVEN.

Regardless of Tumblr’s existence, identity groups’s social networking efforts would not cease, as they existed before Tumblr. The only concern from people against the SJW type seems to be that Tumblr is the most focused area of this sort of activity. While “Social Justice Warriors” and identity groups that advocate for social justice are not quite the same thing, they’re often thrown into the same group.


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