MySpace seemed to have everything. It was the largest social media site in existence and even surpassed google as the most visited website in the US. 

It had personal profiles, blogs, photos, videos, everything that the early 2000s internet users found mesmerizing. It even had an agreeable title ‘MySpace” which suggested a catering to the desire to have your own personalized spot on the web.

So what happened? Facebook happened. In April 2008 it was overshadowed by the quickly growing alternative social media site and then Myspace simply became a source of meme jokes as the forgotten website.

But why? Facebook? What did Facebook have to offer that MySpace didn’t?

“I felt like MySpace was more for promotion and bands, like following groups and following specific people, whereas Facebook feels more personal. I’m not going to go promote myself on Facebook. It’s more about my friends interacting with me,” says Beatrix Watanabe, a former MySpace user.

“You can’t be tagged in things, even if you personalized your page,” she adds.

In 2007 Myspace began attempting a series of redesigns to compete with Facebook. These included the user homepage which added status updates. They also let users decide if the content they post can be viewed by friends only, 18 and older, or anyone to get an edge on Facebook due to criticisms.

One major idea Facebook saw was the ability to carry your Facebook profile to other websites to post content on various other websites. With Huffingtonpost articles you can comment through your Facebook account. This was called Facebook Connect which launched in 2007.

In November 2010,Myspace joined Facebook Connect, which showed an obvious balance of power in noted social network industry. Though the employee count and fame of Myspace has dropped over the last few years, it still clings on even in 2016.

MySpace has become focused on news and music, sometimes offering “MySpace exclusives” Like NE-YO’s Five Minutes to the Stage  clip or other short videos that Myspace suggests are only available on the site.

At the end of the day there are a ton of theories with no actual proof as to the source of Myspace’s fall. Some may say it was the lack of innovation and the constant Facebook copy cat behavior. Others may say it’s simply Facebook came after and therefore seemed more “New.”

Of course perhaps your own attitude towards the site can illuminate the answer.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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