Prsy  is a revolutionary app that allows you to build your own social app under your name and photo.

An app that helps you build social apps is a simple idea that hasn’t been utilized as much as one might think.

With most social media, the cost is privacy and brand sacrifice. While sites like Facebook don’t charge you to start a page, each time a brand is registered, it gets sucked into Facebook’s brand pool.

With Prsy, their main goal was to move away from the old fashioned third party system and allow users their identity and brand. Singers, painters, writers, etc can have a unique brand identity for their app. So instead of “Facebook/User A” the script is reversed to “User A/Facebook.”

The user with Prsy is able to have their own app in the store that doesn’t just become put under Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other apps that absorb brands.

Over the last few months the app has offered new languages and a new payment method. Once your app is published, anyone can download your social app for USD$2.99 and the app owner receives USD$1.00 for each download.

Reviews on the site point out how quick and convenient the app is for making your own app for your business. Prsy considers what their doing an inevitable result of the “selfie generation” with a sense of entitlement. They say the change will happen sooner than we think.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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