Splatoon, a game unveiled in 2014 and released in 2015 has seen a remarkable rise in popularity with 1.6 million sold in its first month. It’s a four vs. four team-based ink shooter game. The goal is to use ink to cover as much of the arena as possible.

The ink that you use to shoot as much of the area around you as you possible can also be used to shoot the other players who then have to start back at their base.

When the project first started, it was a simple game that simply involved two blocks of tofu (a black one and a white one) squirting their color on a plain field. It’s now become a game to be considered among the great accomplishments at Nintendo.

There has been a Chinese rip off of the game as well as two manga adaptations. Japan’s biggest social Network, LINE, now has Splatoon stickers.

The “Inkopolis Plaza” is the hub section of the game. Players can shop for new gear or enter into a game. Here you can see other online players and the messages they’ve posted. On some of the walls you can even find graffiti from the other players.

Splatfests are a fun time in the game when players can choose between two teams and compete for Super Sea Snails which can be used to buy more slots for abilities. The choices for teams are different each time. For example, one splatfest asked if you’re an “early bird” or a “night owl.” Night owls won.

The game has players from all over the world. People from other countries have noted how they fear Japanese Splatoon players because they feel Japanese players are somehow inherently skilled at the game.

The game has done a lot in the real world, with Japan doing a VOCALOID™ concert with the Squid Sisters who are the fictional news reporters in the game who explain updates and stages available when you open the game.The concert was about 26 minutes long and was done at the Japan Expo in Paris.

The game depends on teamwork and a constant stream of users, so hopefully Nintendo will keep the updates coming!

Written by Yuforia Studio

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