Last month, Instagram unveiled Instagram Stories, which allows users to share moments of their day. It appears in a slideshow format. Some people noted that this was an imitation of SnapChat’s “Snapchat Stories.”

Recently, Instagram added Events Video Channel and Stories into their explore tab. It aims to show people what they might be interested in looking at. You can see posts from people you follow or posts being generally liked by a lot of people.

This shows an effort from Instagram to stay relevant in the social media world, utilizing methods from Snapchat and Twitter to keep up. Instagram did slightly step away from the Snapchat stories model by adding a recommended accounts area.

Instagram still lags behind on certain things however. There’s a lack of colored text and filters and the uploads don’t always work. As time goes on this has become less of an issue as the users have grown used to Instagram stories for what it offers.

“We’re really excited to see how quickly they’ve caught on, whether with everyday users or celebrities and brands,” said Blake Barnes, Instagram’s Director of Product Management. Time will tell.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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