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YouTube Censorship

YouTube has always had censorship. If footage is too graphic or has too much copyrighted material, it gets taken off the site. Recently, YouTube changed it’s content moderation system so it is now stricter on the requirement that videos be ‘advertiser friendly’ in order to receive monetization.

“I don’t think that I can call you ‘beautiful bastards’ anymore, because apparently that and several other things I do are not ‘advertiser friendly,’” said Philip DeFranco, a famous YouTuber, on his August 31st video, ‘YouTube Is Shutting Down My Channel and I’m Not Sure What To Do.”

Even a video on LGBTQ history could be labeled inappropriate for advertising. YouTube gave an explanation to Kotaku saying that the controversial standards were already in place, and that the idea was to make this information more easily accessible, and therefore YouTubers were bombarded by flagged videos.

The YouTube help forum explained to the community that these policies were not changed. A YouTube Spokesperson told The Verge that the flags would previously be in the analytics section, but now a noticeable icon in the video manager makes it easier to spot.

The way YouTube analyzes these videos is by noting community flagging, as well as details such as a video’s tags and title. On Twitter, the hashtag “#YouTubeIsOverParty” formed in response to YouTube. The backlash, however, could subside considering that the policies weren’t, in fact, new.


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