Trump has won the presidency of the US, despite Hillary winning the popular vote. The disappointment from many individuals was felt not just nationally, but globally.

Online, people have been voicing these frustrations and concerns of a Trump presidency. Social media has already sparked mobilization efforts against Trump and his policies. has already begun mobilization efforts in the wake of a Trump presidency, with an email signup for a live strategy session on November 11.

There is also a growing number of organized Facebook event protests, especially in New York with one today at 6pm Union Square and another at Columbus Circle at 5pm today.  In California, there is a Emergency Protest Against Trump in Sacramento at 4pm today and another protest in LA at 7pm today.

The unfavorability for Trump is so strong among anti-Trump people that Canada’s immigration website crashed last night as many Americans felt a sudden urge to move. A number of Facebook users have already defriended Trump voters.

Hillary and Obama have given concession speeches where they have both politely hoped for the best in this election. While both of them on the campaign trail pointed to many of Donald Trump’s flaws, Obama and Hillary state they want a smooth transition and as much unity as can possibly be obtained in this election mess.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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