The American meat industry has been suffering under the shareable content from social media. Issues such as climate change, land degradation, animal welfare, among other problems are causing the American meat industry to crumble.

A major cause is the fact that information travels faster across social media than the industry can react to the claims. Twitter and Facebook allow for echo chambers away from these industries and advocacy groups can exploit this to their advantage.

One method the meat industry has been using to combat this is by using food traceability in order to appear more transparent in their methods so as to build trust among the consumer base. A second method is what Triano is doing, which is using social media to increase fans by giving promotion giveaways and engaging content. There is also backlash from meat lovers on social media, like those who were sharing the “#FreeBacon” hashtag.

Beef historian Maureen Ogle made a quote about the beef industry and social media: “Frankly, they’re going to get killed from now on because of social media. It can do more damage in a day than old media used to be able to do in a month.”

Advocates against the meat industry have existed for a very long time, but are now seeing significant progress through the benefits of quick sharing. Time will tell if there will be a significant surge in veganism and/or a complete adjustment of the industry.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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