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GOODfest – Livestream Music Tech Festival

Google is hopping into the realm of music festivals this year. It plans to sponsor GOODFest, a lifestream festival presented by Pixel, a phone by Google. It will be a series of five shows across five cities, in support of five different causes.

Google is not the first tech company to use a festival to promote their business. Apple has been doing it’s own annual music festival for 10 years, but Google is doing it slightly differently by not only promoting their products but also supporting good causes.

Google is partnering with GOOD, which is a global media firm that helps “people and organizations be forces for good.” GOODFest begins November 29th in New York’s BAM café to promote

Google is also using the festival to promote their Pixel phone. It will be live streamed on Facebook and YouTube, and documented on Google Daydream, Google’s VR-enabled headset.


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