YouTube Rewind is arguably the biggest day on the YouTube calendar. The Rewind videos take a hodgepodge of the year’s biggest memes and trends and creates a coherent display.

Pokemon Go was a huge deal this summer, and so YouTube Rewind was sure to reference it in the beginning of this year’s video. Some people however pointed to huge memes this year that weren’t included in the video.

RiceGum, a YouTuber who quickly became popular this year on social media, wasn’t shy in noting that he wasn’t included in the Rewind.

This year’s video was shot in 18 countries, and featured 200 creators. Even though many dream of being included in the videos, Shane Dawson was apparently invited and turned it down.

Google also advertised their new phone, the Google Pixel, several times in the video. This may be hinting at a larger trend involving Google’s business interests being advertised through a meme showcase.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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