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Pewdiepie just Trolled the Internet

Pewdiepie, Youtube’s most subscribed channel, became the first to hit the 50 million subscriber milestone.

PewDiePie – aka 27-year-old Felix Kjellberg – makes $12 million annually playing games. According to, he has over 13 billion video views, 3,027 uploads, and 50,098,676 subscribers.

Kjellberg started the Pewdiepie channel back in 2010 at the age of 21. Yesterday he claimed on his Twitter account (recently unverified), that he would delete his channel.

Many news sites began discussing this, including GameSpot, Forbes, and Digital Spy but it turned out to be false. He posted a YouTube video explaining what was actually going on titled “deleting my channel.” This isn’t the first time he claimed something and didn’t go through with it. In 2014 he said he was going to permanently remove and disable comments from his videos.

He trolled the internet.


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