On Jan. 3rd of last year Zuckerberg made a new years resolution to try and build his own  A.I. assistant to run his home and do his work. ” You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man,” he said in his Facebook post. While it was a simple AI for his home, it was technically completed.

This year his resolution is to take a road trip around the US and meet with various individuals such as teachers, scientists, and the people at various Facebook offices.

Some news channels have speculated this being related to Zuckerberg’s recent interest in politics. The theory grew stronger with the fact that Zuckerberg recently declared a renewed faith after claiming he was atheist.

Regardless of his supposed interest in politics, he already has a stronghold on the company assets. He could remain the CEO of Facebook for decades since he controls 60% of the voting rights.

Zuckerberg is currently sitting on a company that two years ago bought WhatsApp. He’s sitting on a company that gains 500 terabytes of our personal data each day. A company that is being fed social data for marketing through its own service. He’s already laid out a decade-long plan for Facebook drones, virtual and augmented reality, and artificial intelligence.

Virtual reality has already been heavily invested in by Facebook. VR is even more immersive than the walls we’re presented with on the site right now. In the near future, we could be participating in Facebook’s world to talk to friends long distance.

With the money Facebook has, it’s only a matter of time before Zuckerberg begins to compete or buy out video-streaming services such as Netflix. And with his influence, and considering 2016’s election, it wouldn’t be too much a shock if he did have the presidency in mind.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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