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New York Times Meets Snapchat Discover

Snapchat Discover was introduced on January 27th 2015. Discover allows users to stay up-to-date on favorite celebrities and brands by watching daily stories.

Snapchat Discover works to help brands and publishers create social media based content rather than depending on user content to generate advertising.

The New York Times is now the latest publisher to join Snapchat Discover, standing next to other media brands such as CNN and Daily Mail that have joined Snapchat as well.

The Times content will be live for US, Canadian, and Australian users. The hope is that it will generate more Subscribers to the New York Times. The times has also utilized Facebook’s Instant Articles and Google’s Accelerated Mobile¬†Pages

As the Times has stated, when they wanted a visual way to explain the electoral college, they turned to Snapchat.

Users of Snapchat will now be able to gain access to a piece of the in-depth journalism that the New York Times offers.


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