Facebook added support Wednesday for the 360-degree photos option within the app for IOS and Android. The new update allows you to zoom and tag friends while using the app.

The 360 photos can now also be used as a cover photo, previously reserved for non-panoramic images. The process is similar to how you create panoramas in your phone’s camera app, since phones don’t have 360 support.

Facebook also supports 360 degree video , but these aren’t yet able to be shot similar to the panorama process on your iPhone or android. For video, you’ll still need a special camera like the Nikon Keymission 360, or Samsung Gear 360.

For it to work on still images, you scroll to the top of the news feed and tap the “360 photo” button. Then you carefully twirl for a full 360 view. It’s a little tedious because like the panorama view option on cameras you need to keep the image squarely centered in the middle.

You can then add a “starting point” for the photo anywhere within the 360 degrees and publish it.

Along with 360 support, Facebook has been delving into many new features over the last couple weeks, including its “Facebook Marketplace” being extended to 17 more countries. At launch it was only available to markets like the US or the UK on mobile. “Facebook Marketplace” is similar to sites like Craigslist and Ebay, but with a focused algorithm on finding things relevant to your needs.

Stylistically, Facebook went with a brighter shade of blue and the Like, Comment, and Share buttons are slightly larger. They also changed up the look of the comments to resemble speech bubbles.

This is all coming in their third quarter after a fantastic second quarter of $9.2 billion.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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