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AIM Says G2G to the Internet

After 20 years, AIM, the long-standing instant messaging service that many most likely believed faded long ago is officially ending on December 15th.

AOL tapped into this medium long before Twitter, Facebook, or the host of other applications that now dominate communication services.

However, with the expansion of smartphones with easy text messaging services, this service became obsolete.

Twitter has been littered in tweets with hashtags like “#RIPAIM” and “#AIMemories

Many had a bit of a nostalgia trip with the notice of AIM’s final months:

Despite the nostalgia overload happening with the announcement, the use of AIM had been declining for years. While AIM can bring back some fond ’90s – early ’00s memories, the pull to have an online identity with MySpace and Facebook clearly dominates social interest.

G2g, AIM.


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