Twitter seemed to step into an investment of user accessibility when it launched Twitter Lite last year. On their blog, they bring up several barriers to using Twitter, with issues of storage, data plans, and slow mobile networks.

Twitter Lite aims to fix these problems by limiting data usage, while also building quicker navigation interfaces on Twitter.

Twitter announced yesterday that Twitter Lite was now available in 21 more countries.  With the global expansion, starting yesterday Twitter Lite also supports push notifications, allowing you to get instant updates on the world.

We have yet to see if this user accessibility initiative will help with Twitter’s stocks, which took a nosedive after q2 user count results.

Twitter states its goal is to stay relevant in a mobile-first internet world. It wants to be the go-to app for major events happening in the world.

Facebook has been known for years for trying to make the internet easier to access. Zuckerberg discussed in 2014 developing connectivity aircraft, and in 2017 Zuckerberg launched a “Find Wifi” option on their app.

Facebook also has a “Facebook Lite” and YouTube has a “YouTube Go” program, which are also designed to make it easier to access these platforms.

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