Youtube is introducing new tools for charitable giving on the platform. The new features are Fundraisers (beta), Community fundraisers (beta), Campaign matching (beta), and Super Chat for Good.

For the beta period, YouTube says it will cover 100% of donation transaction fees. It is unclear what the fee cost will be in the future.

With Fundraisers (Beta), YouTube users will be able to see a “Donate” button underneath videos to contribute to campaigns. YouTube says it will handle payment processing.

The other feature, “Community Fundraisers (Beta), is designed to let multiple creatures co-host the same fundraiser. One way the Community Fundraiser feature is being used is for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital along with 12 popular gaming creators are working together for St. Jude PLAY LIVE on YouTube.

YouTube’s “Campaign Matching” feature part of the package will display matching pledges from users or brands within the fundraiser.

Additionally, the final new feature is “Super Chat for Good” an upgraded version of YouTube’s “Super Chat” where users who pay to have their comments highlighted in chats get their money directly sent to the fundraiser.

Many YouTubers in the past have been involved in promoting charities through sites like GoFundMe, but this is YouTube’s attempt to keep users and creators from leaving the platform.

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