Almost two years ago, Snapchat introduced Spectacles – a pair of glasses that also take video for the platform. Today Snapchat is launching two new fashionable styles of Spectacles called Nico and Veronica.

Nico and Veronica can record up to 70 videos or hundreds of photos on one charge. The footage can then be wirelessly sent to your phone.

Last April, Snapchat offered their second generation of Spectacles in time for the summer. They were easier to wear, water-resistant, had better audio, and footage uploaded four times faster to Snapchat than with the previous generation.

The new styles Nico and Veronica come in black and are polarized lenses. They also come with a semi-soft protective case. This new look might help those more hesitant to buy a pair of Spectacles as they now look more like a regular pair of glasses rather than the unconventionally shaped, colorful, Snapchat style pairs.

They are currently available on for $199, which is a bit higher than the original second generation price of $150.

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