Twitter published a blog post this morning in recognition of Suicide Prevention Day (September 10th, 2018) highlighting their services in this area.

When someone searches on Twitter for terms related with suicide or self harm, a prompt appears encouraging them to seek assistance. The prompt also contains contact details of the partner organization in their country. It’s available on mobile devices and desktop in the U.S., Japan and Korea, and it’s also now available on mobile devices in Brazil, Australia, Hong Kong, Spain, Ireland, Germany, and the U.K.

Twitter, along with the International Association for Suicide Prevention (IASP), is launching a special orange and yellow ribbon emoji which is the international symbol for World Suicide Prevention Day. The emoji appears when users Tweet with hashtags #WorldSuicidePreventionDay, #SuicidePrevention, #WSPD2018, and #WSPD until September 16 in 15 different languages.

Twitter has a reporting form for people considering suicide or self harm and a committed team who review these reports.

Twitter’s statement on their approach to suicide threats:

After we assess a report of self-harm or suicide, Twitter will contact the reported user and let him or her know that someone who cares about them identified that they might be at risk. We will provide the reported user with available online and hotline resources and encourage them to seek help.  – Twitter

Twitter’s voice and action in this discussion is a valuable tool in fighting this issue.

Twitter’s reporting form:

Twitter’s page on self-harm and suicide:

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