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Net Neutrality in California

Recently California Governor Jerry Brown signed S.B. 822, which supports net neutrality protections for citizens of California.  The law prohibits ISPs (Internet Service Providers) from blocking or creating a pay wall for legal apps and websites.

Very shortly following, the Trump administration issued a statement discussing it’s intention to sue California to stop the law from going into effect.

The new law is mostly an imitation of the FCC’s 2015 net neutrality law that prevents ISPs from blocking users’ access to internet services. One significant difference is stricter restrictions on “zero rating” which is when ISPs offer services that don’t count towards a data usage cap. For example AT&T offering Netflix as a service that doesn’t cause overage charges. In 2015 this was still largely an area to be discussed in regards to net neutrality.

California is not alone in their sentiment. Legislators in 30 states have also introduced over 72 bills ordering internet service providers to keep with net neutrality rules.


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