Colin Kroll, co-founder of Vine and HQ Trivia, found dead

Colin Kroll, co-founder and CEO of the successful gaming app HQ Trivia, was found dead Sunday morning by police in the bedroom of his New York apartment after his girlfriend expressed concerns. He was 34 years old.

Kroll was also subject to some controversy during his time with Twitter. An HR complaint accused him of inappropriate behavior, leading to termination from his role in 2014.

White substance in an envelope was discovered next to Kroll, suggesting he died of an overdose.

Kroll utilized the shortened attention span of millennials with his six-second video site, Vine, which Twitter later bought in 2012 and eventually shut down in 2016. The site turned some Vine users into internet celebrities and YouTube still hosts some of its videos.

His other project was HQ Trivia, which is an app and trivia game released in 2017 where players can play for free in daily trivia games and win prize money if they can correctly answer a series of questions.

He will be remembered for his contribution of the social media industry.


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