Every year, Mark Zuckerberg publishes a post to his platform posting his goals for the year following.

Facebook has had a rough 2018 with the Cambridge Analytica scandal along with many other privacy and exploitation issues with its user base. Despite that, Mark posted an optimistic end of year message:

In the post, he brings up how the company has changed over the past couple years.

On safety, he explained how Facebook now invests billions of dollars every year to security.

Zuckerberg also noted how Facebook has “built AI systems to automatically identify and remove content related to terrorism, hate speech, and more before anyone even sees it.” Not only have they utilized AI to remove content but they’ve, “tripled the size of our content review team to handle more complex cases that AI can’t judge.” Considering how AI filters like Tumblr’s are ineffective, gathering actual humans to observe is important.

Users have been particularly concerned this year about how their information is shared. Zuckerberg mentions they’ve “changed our developer platform to reduce the amount of information apps can access” and added new controls for GDPR.

Facebook is also reducing the third-party information used in their ads and started building a Clear History tool to give people more transparency and control of their browsing history. With regards to private messages, Facebook is continuing to develop encrypted and ephemeral messaging and sharing services.

However, Zuckerberg said fully fixing the issues of Facebook is a task that will take time, but that the platform has “established multi-year plans to overhaul our systems and we’re well into executing those roadmaps.”


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