YouTube is unveiling a new mobile swiping feature update for iOS devices this week. The feature will make it easier to navigate through videos with a new horizontal swiping gesture that lets you swipe forward and backward through videos you’re watching.

Swiping forward brings you to the next recommended video, and swiping backwards will return you to the previous video you watched.  This feature has been 2 years in the making.

Swipe-based navigation will work in both portrait and landscape view. The simplicity of endless scrolling through videos with this feature might make users spend more time on the app as they get more sucked in to an endless spiral of recommendations.

Swipe-based navigation is becoming more popular on social media platforms, becoming a part of user’s muscle memory. That said, it doesn’t always work, like when Instagram “accidentally” changed their navigation UI last Month.

Considering mobile use is around 70 percent of YouTube’s traffic it’s safe to assume the mobile app experience is high on the platform’s priorities.

There is no word at this time for when this would roll-out to Android users.

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