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Facebook Releases More Info On Independent Board For Content Handling

Last November, Mark Zuckerberg wrote a blueprint for how content should be managed on Facebook.

In that blueprint, he expressed plans to build an appeals process with an independent board, to prevent too much decision making within Facebook’s teams.

Today, Facebook released a draft charter that provides more detail for the developing project.

Facebook says they want to guarantee that this board can produce independent judgement, while remaining transparent and respecting privacy. This board will have the ability when appropriate to reverse Facebook’s content handling decisions.

Unsolved decisions include number of board members, length of serving terms, and how cases are decided.

Facebook intends to develop this board further over the next six months by meeting with experts and organizations globally who work on a variety of issues such as free expression, technology and democracy, fairness and human rights. Facebook will also offer a proposal submission option in the next few weeks.


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