Sketchek, a popular Team Fortress 2 content YouTuber who was thought to have passed away three years ago revealed in a new video that he faked the terminal illness he claimed to have.

“About three years ago, I announced that I’d contracted a nonspecific terminal illness. I want everyone to know that was a lie. It was a sick joke. It was a ruse. I was never ill. Not even a little bit,” the narrator (assumed to be Sketchek) said in the new video.

In a deleted video originally uploaded in 2015, Sketchek told his viewers that he was dealing with a disease affecting his nervous system and that he didn’t much longer to live.

His decision for this lie came from an extended period of time away from his PC in 2015, where he became disenchanted with videogames, and decided to close his YouTube channel. To make an impact with his shut down he decided to fake his own death.

He says his return to the platform is due to renewed interest to play Team Fortress 2.

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