As the world of biometric technology becomes more available to the average consumer, user-friendly interfaces for it will be increasingly necessary. Apple’s fingerprint scanner for the iPhone and Macbook are easy to set up with an easy to read fingerprint icon that turns increasingly red as you place your finger for record.

As wearables with biometric ability become the next phase of mass produced consumer technology, we can expect UI (User Interfaces) to become more flexible and for complex biometric data to display accurately, quickly, and simply.

The Apple watch in 2018 became capable of generating an ECG (an electrocardiogram) a test that measures the electrical activity of your heartbeat and then later sent to a doctor. This device has been FDA-cleared.

Biometric health screening that employs both A.I. and human medical experts for quick remote diagnoses is a trend likely to grow. A lot of investor interest was shown in The Edison, which was a device that was built with the idea that you could do a whole range of blood tests with a small machine you could have in your house, and a drop of blood. However, it was discovered that the company that designed it, Theranos, had created a faulty product and had lied to investors.

Despite this incident likely leading to more skepticism when it comes to future biometric technologies, the investor interest is likely to remain as human health is a significant benefit of future technologies.

This opens up further issues of privacy. People are already wary giving away information such as their name on registration pages. People are willing to get ink stamps to identify they belong at an event, but might be more cautious towards a finger or face scan. Those two forms of identification is still tied in culture to criminality, so UI can greatly benefit the shift in user perceptions of this technology.








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