The graphic design industry is far from the top valued monetarily ($54b), but without it there would be no brand identity. This is fairly obvious but not given much thought since it’s ubiquitous in our society.

It affects nearly every industry out there since it’s essential for companies to be identified by consumers.

Supermarket shelves would be full of blank white boxes and cans. Advertisements for upcoming products would lack life and consumers wouldn’t engage effectively with new releases.

But beyond that, graphic design also means no infographics. An absence of infographics would put everyday people in the dark. Presentable visual communication to the public is key to get info out to the masses quickly and effectively to increase engagement with that data.

There would be no red signs telling us to stop, or P signs for parking. The lack of brand specific store awnings would make it difficult for individuals to find what they’re looking for among the sea of doors.

In the digital world, websites and apps would look puzzling and inconsistent and useful elements for the user interface such as color coding or clean menu placement would turn into a user-hostile screen instead.

Gaming menus, broadcasting overlays, titles, business cards, banners, presentations and more would be disorganized clutter.

Graphic design is the face of a company, the face of a business. You take it for granted until it’s not used effectively or it’s not used at all.

A true designer understands this – which is why they don’t undervalue their work. Feel free to share this post with a client who only offers “exposure” instead of monetary compensation. Happy designing for 2020!

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