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Graphic Design Is Not Just About ‘Creativity’

This is largely based on personal experience, and I haven’t been around that long, so take what you will.

There are a bajillion shape combos, textures, color hues and fonts out there but I go a very general route for some of my projects – corporate designs are often thin lettering and simple blue and white shapes. Game streamer cover designs are often illustrations with bold outlines and dark backgrounds.

An assigned project in 2019 had black and white images, and so I designed a flyer with a black and white theme, even though I generally crave the color purple in my designs (the finished design is not on my portfolio).

Despite the insane number of fonts out there, I’d say 90% of my projects are either in Helvetica, Impact, or a mix of the fonts. Some brand guides are so restrictive that you’re forced to use these fonts anyway. The design process often becomes a copy-paste of former projects when the brand guides become too specific.

This is because at the end of the day graphic design is about visual communication – it’s important to understand psychology before you go memorizing font families. Understand what colors make people feel a particular feeling. Know how the eye travels a page or screen.

AI is capable of pulling engagement data and creating new designs based on that data. Spotify can automatically generate a background color based on the album picture shown. This doesn’t require “creativity” so much as tried and true designs or basic knowledge of color. It’s only a matter of time before some areas of graphic design will have some AI tools increasingly involved.

TL;DR: Graphic design is largely about psychological messaging with visual communication. Creativity becomes secondary to effective communication.


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