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Personalization Of Design

The world of design is is becoming more individualized. Certain brands can now print your name on them. Automation adds a “hello (insert name here)” automatically into email blasts. And ads are becoming more personalized. Ads online target you based on what you’ve searched for in the past.

Data-driven design can lead to AI created categorization of design systems (certain colors, fonts, shapes, etc) that will lead a specific individual to engage with the product based on previous engagement.

Personalized ads can be noninvasive as well, with VR ads simply existing as part of the environment’s infrastructure. Ads that aren’t consciously thought of as “ads” are very influential. The choice to buy feels like an original thought. Personalized ads feel closer to this.

User interfaces on apps are also becoming increasingly personalized, with color display choices on sites like Reddit or the option to have a “dark” or “light” theme. You can even develop reduced motion preferences on browsers to limit animations shown.

Personalization is the inevitable next trend in designs. If you are trying to use graphics to engage with your users, the best way to make millions of users happy is choice of design.


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