With all the over-saturation and official graduate degrees many graphic designers can feel like a fraud sometimes, especially if you only got a degree in psychology or media or nothing at all.

Some of us may read quotes from Paul Rand or Saul Bass but the point is many famous designers became famous largely because they worked for famous companies. They are wonderful designers but they are not superior ones. Wisdom can be pulled from many sources.

Everyone can develop themselves in their position. You learn to visually communicate with the brand you speak for if you work at it. You learn quicker strategies for your own sake, not for others.

I was inspired to start this blog for people who feel like frauds. I would read many graphic design blogs, but they would usually feature a specific new logo or a specific new brand as a whole – and not enough general information on the world of graphic design. Though I want to explore that too – with something like a weekly shout out to a designer so I can talk about how amazing these designers are with their hectic schedules and shared feelings of imposter syndrome.

You may feel like a fraud also because design trends change rapidly. Even studying current graphic design work doesn’t necessarily prepare you for the augmented reality interfaces of tomorrow.

Covering the history, the ideas floating around, and general future of design can help anyone – graduate degree or not – better understand the world of design and find meaningful work.

In the end none of us get acknowledged in general society for our work. While design schools make a habit of bringing up people like Paul Rand (designer of the IBM logo) – other people are like “…who?” So just keep doing what makes you happy and don’t worry if you feel like you’re not the best of the pack.

As Saul Bass said, “I want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.”

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