Anyone in the design industry has most likely spotted the general trend towards simple, lifeless design being held as the modern look. This isn’t necessarily due to a lack of imagination. It’s definitely not due to today’s tools for design which allow you to create anything visually.

This picture illustrates the trend:

The trend goes towards what’s most marketable. Silly late 90s logos like GoDaddy have transitioned to a more straightforward look that allows the logo to be placed easily on TV ads in different colors depending on the backdrop.

Logo designers today generally create logos that not only work in their original colors and textures but also as an outline, solid black, and solid white.

UI templates need to be open to a wide array of content that bursts onto the internet every moment. Content-Agnostic designs are designs that are ready for unknown future content. A Twitter profile template is designed for personalization. News sites are getting new information by the minute and need a reusable design that highlights the new content.

Google has also shifted to more data-centric design. Marissa Mayer, a former Google usability leader, stated she and her team once tried AB testing 40 shades of blue to decide which one to use. The extreme focus on the psychology of the user base leaves little room for visual experiments outside a strict brand guide. Soulless automation void of personality and creativity.

While digital design has arguably become more pleasant to view since the 90s crazy textured-background designs, the internet is still a human environment, which shows it’s true colors when it abandons visual conformity in favor of personalization.

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