I rarely create or present logos. The jobs I usually get are making quick posters or newsletter graphics. But it is in my box of offers to clients.

I’ll create at least 10 different sketches but only 3 make it into the client presentation.

I give clients 3 logo options that are similar in style but slightly different in shape. Clients (people in general) are often overwhelmed by choice so giving them 15 options is a bit overwhelming. Not only that, but it makes you seem less confident in your designs if you present so many.

Only presenting 1 logo is something many designers do but you run the risk of a client wanting to make a bajillion changes to the one design. A client only seeing one design might trigger some bit of anxiety for all the potential designs it could be.

The presentation is made into a PDF (not a word doc or powerpoint presentation). I make the page dimensions 16×9 so it’s compatible on most screens on full-screen.

The 1st page is an intro. I state the purpose of the PDF, the colors used, and how the designs are compatible for various purposes.

The 2nd page is the 1st logo large on a white backdrop, along with a smaller faded version of the logo shown on the bottom right. This highlights how it looks as different sizes and it jumps right into the design without getting to the wordy stuff yet.

The 3rd page is the 1st logo silhouetted on a black (or darker colored) backdrop and a white backdrop so you can see how the design is compatible on various backgrounds.

The 4th page is a set of mockups for the logo. If it’s a logo for an app, I would put the logo on a phone screen to highlight how it looks in real-world uses. This page is super important for the client as it helps gains confidence in the look of the design for their business.

The 5th page (or section) gets to the wordy stuff. It explains the research and reasoning behind the logo design. I also show a list of icons that went into the final look.

Then, I simply repeat that process for the next two logos. Size display, backdrops, mockups, and explanation.

The final page of the PDF are simply the three designs lined up on a white backdrop and a black backdrop as a side-by-side review for the client.

Now once they go with a design and all the edits are done, I receive a payment, and then I send them the final files. This includes the Adobe Illustrator file, a PDF explaining the logo they picked and the usage guidelines, transparent PNG files of the logo (black version and white version), and a JPG file of the logo (black version and white version).

That’s the general procedure but things do get switched around a little bit here and there.

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