Comic Sans is an almost universally hated font in the design community next to the Papyrus font. What seems like irony at first is the fact that outside the design community Comic Sans is used in a variety of contexts. It’s used in formal business documents, storefront signs, and more.

The goofy playfulness of the font appeals to people who haven’t studied fonts, whereas designers cringe at the irregularity of the letter styles.

Graphic designers also grow bored of certain fonts. We’re looking at and scrounging around for new ones constantly. When I want whimsical, I often go for the Persephone font. Under the scrutiny of the design community, it could become despised as well if too many non-designers start plastering it on their lemonade stands and business announcements. The lowercase B and D in Persephone aren’t mirrored, for one example of a design critique. This article explains Comic Sans mismanagement of weight.

Some big name brands have used Comic Sans – Electronic Arts Games (creator of The Sims), Ty, the maker of Beanie Babies, and more.

It is also recommended by the British Dyslexia Association. In a post on its website, the American Institute of Graphic Arts said Comic Sans helps readers with disabilities because of its “character disambiguation” and “variation in letter heights.”

Mostly, designers hate how the font is used. It’s stepped out of the realm of talk bubbles and into business settings. Even with the hate there are still places where it might be preferable to use Comic Sans. Here’s a list below:

Appropriate times to use comic sans: 

  1. Pre-school banners
  2. Doge meme
  3. Drunk dialogue in comics
  4. Upsetting designers

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