One futuristic trend that’s been clear for years is the installment of digital screens wherever they can be placed. NYC installed digital screens on the NYC subway platforms in place of the printout ads in 2018, and even license plates are turning digital.

The biggest benefits to using screens is the ability to add motion graphics to what would previously be static printouts as well as the ability to cheaply and quickly change material. Motion adds a whole new element of visual communication and screens allow for less steps for the replacement of displays.

Besides the installment of screens in our physical surroundings, another trend is augmented reality. It’s fairly clear that in a few years there will continue to be a growing market for augmented reality (AR) glasses, which will enhance our environments digitally as well.

In this future, AR design will fully utilize skeuomorphism with 3D models that can adapt to the shadows and lighting of the environment they’re superimposed on.

Not only are we talking about screens and AR graphics infiltrating our daily surroundings, but the ability to manipulate what we’re seeing. Social media sites have gradually shifted to allowing users to decide how they see their own platform. The main options are often light mode or dark mode.

Tumblr currently offers several styles such as a “cybernetic” green or a black and white style “vampire” layout.

With this in mind, graphic designers should be improving with three major skillsets: motion graphics, 3D design, and programming.

With motion graphics, After Effects is often an industry standard but free open source programs like Natron exist as well.

With 3D design, many companies use Maya but Blender is a free useful alternative that many people comfortably use on a daily basis.

Designers should familiarize themselves with CSS, as well as other programming languages that allow for designs to become interactive. We’re living in a digital era of personalization, and allowing users to interact with designs will be key for future engagement.

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