Cannabis ingredient brand Creo, co-founded in 2016 by science entrepreneur and CEO, Roy Lipski, and professor of bioengineering, Dr. Ramon Gonzalez, partnered with global consultancy Brandpie to create its branding and visual identity.

When Roy Lipski first contacted Brandpie, the company didn’t have a name, logo, visual identity, website or any other communications materials or messaging.

Creo’s technology uses fermentation to produce rare and novel cannabinoids like CBG. The process supposedly uses less water, energy, and land than the traditional plant-based approaches that are often used to extract cannabinoid ingredients.

Creo’s new identity includes a logo that appears as a single continuous line. The connected look represents “a creative catalyst – a strategic north star for Creo’s visual tone of voice,” according to the design team at Brandpie.

Using a variety of plant photography, Brandpie’s designers inverted the colour spectrum, to form an X-ray-like effect, which is claimed to serve as a metaphor for “looking at nature through a different lens, and in a new light”.

“This simple name, along with the very distinctive logo we designed, encapsulates how the company’s ingredients will unleash a wave of creativity across multiple industries,” Rik Haslam explained, executive creative director at Brandpie.

“Using the fermentation process as a point of inspiration, we decided to highlight nature in an unconventional way throughout the visual identity,” he adds.

“For Creo, we’ve created a brand that breaks away from the ‘typical’ design and language you see within their industry. Through strategy, purpose, and visual identity, Creo is empowered to hold its own with the big ingredient and biotech companies while establishing itself as a leader in the cannabinoid space,” says Brandpie’s USA CEO, MaryLee Sachs.

Professional branding for the cannabis industry an important piece to legitimize an industry that was considered on the outskirts of the law.

Written by Yuforia Studio

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