What is a logo? Basically a symbol that quickly identifies a business. Done right, it subconsciously communicates your brand to the user.

The general trend for logo design has been simplicity. But simple design doesn’t mean “easy” design. It’s often harder to fully communicate a brand’s message in a simple symbol. That’s where the designer’s talent and creativity come to the picture.

Gregory’s Coffee Logo

My personal favorite logo is Gregory’s Coffee. It looks both like Gregory and two steaming cups of coffee. One design but saying two things at once.

Logo designing and logo redesigns range in cost from $0 to millions. BBC spent $1,800,000 on their logo redesign, despite the relatively simple look to it.

BBC Logo Redesign

Many designers complain about Fiverr devaluing the design industry. Despite the name staying the same, designers on Fiverr can now charge much higher for logo designs. However, many still charge $5 a logo.

And then what about all the free logo generator sites? The ones where you put in a few keywords and the site looks through its database of thousands / millions of unused logos and throws a bunch your way to pick? Do those work?

Short answer is yes, depending on your commitment. If you’re starting out with a low budget and mostly testing the waters of a business, it can act like a temporary placeholder.

But eventually when you need brand refinement it’s good to invest in a logo / branding assets that’ll be more heavily researched to better communicate your brand.

So what does that mean exactly? Well-paid logo designers will have a better understanding of semiotics, sociology, and psychology. They’ll strive to make sure the logo design doesn’t conflict with certain cultural symbols or be too similar to other businesses. They’ll have a better understanding of how shapes, colors, and positioning play with the mind.

You’ll also receive a full branding package with a well-paid logo. This includes the source files (Illustrator files, etc) and a thorough look at how the design fits into the overall brand.

TL:DR; Problem with cheap logos is you’re often lacking the time, cultural research, and in-depth branding guidelines someone getting paid $100s or $1000s would do for you. But if you just wanna have a cute symbol for an up-and-coming social media passion project then free or cheap is perfect. Can always upgrade later.

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