General Motors and South Korean car manufacturer Kia Motors have recently unveiled new corporate logos to signify a better position in the future mobile industry.

Kia’s new logo

Kia Motors new logo connects the letters of its name in a continuous line. The logo was revealed in a drone-based fireworks show that set a world record for the most unmanned aerial vehicles (303 pyrodrones!) shooting fireworks simultaneously.

Kia also revealed its new global brand slogan, ‘Movement that inspires’.

The unveil of the new logo follows the announcement of Kia’s ‘Plan S’ long-term business strategy in 2020, geared towards popularizing electric cars and other mobility services.

General Motors New Logo

General Motors debuted their new logo as a component of their comprehensive marketing campaign called “Everybody In” planning the mass adoption of electric vehicles.

The new logo has a color gradient of blue tones to bring to mind “the clean skies of a zero-emissions future”. The rounded edges with the lower-case font are meant to lean towards “a more modern, inclusive feel”. The negative space in the “m” suggests the shape of an electrical plug.

They both reflect a drive towards a more electric, cleaner future. It’s critically important for old brands to shift their image in the car industry especially as cars like the Lucid Air makes it debut for the new decade.

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