Update May 25, 2019:

Web Shadow News is going several sweeping changes this month and June (including a renaming). This new site will still feature social media UI information / updates but will be primarily a digital design blog. The domain will still work for some time. Hopefully current readers are on board with the changes but I understand unsubscribing if you wish. If you find the new content cool, then AWESOME

If any readers have any requests or comments regarding this blog, they are greatly appreciated! Feel free to tell me what what you’d like to see more of regarding virtual design. If I don’t have the knowledge I’ll scout out experts.

You can send comments here.

What is Yuforia Studio?

Yuforia Studio explores socially conscious virtual design. It’s both a blog and a studio. Researching how virtual design mirrors internet culture aids in our pursuit to find universally friendly ideas and experiences.

Webcomics about


Remedi the Robot, Adulting Daily, and More to Come! Caption images, satire, memes, etc.


UI on IOTs. How user interfaces on gadgets are getting a stylistic upgrade that helps keep users engaged.


Historical context to the history of digital design. Everything from the early video game designs to 90s website (my eyes!! 0_0).


The three Ts – Tips, Trends, and Tutorials. Educate yourself on the design trends and strategies of tomorrow

Game Design

VR gaming, world building, and UX strategy.

Disclaimer: Yuforia Studio may earn commission from links to products.

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