*5-16-2020: Apologies for any odd site appearances. The site recently changed servers and I’m currently adding custom CSS. Should be fixed by June 2020.

If any readers have any requests or comments regarding this blog, they are greatly appreciated! Feel free to tell me what what you’d like to see more of regarding digital design. If I don’t have the knowledge I’ll scout out experts.

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What is Yuforia Studio?

Yuforia Studio is entertainment and news for graphic designers. A blog | studio on digital design. Exploring the world of visual content.

Nomad about


Information on the world of digital design. Thoughts, history, tips, and the future of graphic design in our virtual world (AR/VR).

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Tips and general knowledge on the world of digital design in visual explanation.

Graphic design about


Design-related artwork. Love VR/AR stuff. 

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The life of the internet. Daily posts on social media.

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Words of wisdom from designers / creatives

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Design-related comic strips