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I’m constantly hopping on the World Wide Web for more design news and knowledge. It’s a fun mix that inspired this site as a little entertainment and news for the anxiety-packed designers out there. I get all my ideas and inspiration from the design community.

As of now the site is still a visual mess. I migrated the server about a week ago (May, 2020) and still trying to make CSS changes to the theme.

I’ve danced between a lot of titles (UI designer, photo-editor, 3D modeler, motion designer, digital artist, infographic freelancer, visual content creator, etc) but all under the general title of graphic design.

Pre-college years involved various after-school art, animation, and design programs whereas in college I concentrated in journalism, with minor classes in media, sociology, and psychology. Communication design was something I did as Managing Editor for my alma mater’s newspaper, with helping to move some of our material to a news site and attempting to start a vlog series. Post-college I learned HTML + CSS via online classes and tutorials. Hence why I wanted to utilize my three passions (design, journalism, and media) into an amalgamated business – @YuforiaStudio.

Designers (IMHO) should be passionate about what they do beyond the paycheck, but feel confident in pricing their work accurately. We need food. And a home. And a general life outside of financial worry. If there’s enough interest in this site I’ll expand it as much as possible this year and the next. Otherwise I’ll just keep doing random stuff during my free time.

Design in the context of a 21st century audience and platform is an ongoing discussion. Definitely HMU with your thoughts on it. 🤔


(PS my client jokes are mostly just for fun I ❤️ you all)


Here’s a random assortment of some art from last year: