Webcomics, caption images, satire etc

The Webcomics “Remedi” and “Adulting” were occasionally posted to the YuforiaStudio Tumblr page back in 2018. Since it started getting a little attention on there, I decided to take the series more seriously and am now going to post the comic regularly on this page right here!

Remedi the Rhyming Robot

(coming in August)

A robot with an occasional rhyming virus and a bit of an existential crisis. Weekly posts coming in August.






Remedi the robot likes to help people, but can often annoy humans with their rhyming program virus. Some humans adore them anyway.



Remedi Cover Art


Daily Adulting

(coming in August)

The daily adulting series will be a weekly story following the lives of the individuals below.

Adulting Prices

Adulting Responsibilities

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